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    On January 14, 2020, at approximately noon local time, Delta Air Lines Flight 89 dumped toxic jet fuel over several Los Angeles schools and communities.

    A video posted on YouTube shows the plane overhead with white streaks spewing jet fuel from the tips of the wings.  The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.  Needless to say, airplanes are not supposed to dump fuel over populated areas.

    At certain very high altitudes, and over unpopulated locations, dumping jet fuel may pose little threat.  Here, however, the fuel dump was done at an altitude that posed a serious and grave danger to those on the ground–particularly for young and developing children who had jet fuel rain down on them.  Moreover, our preliminary investigation indicates that the fuel dump appears to have not even been necessary, emergent, or unintentional.

    According to audio conversation between a Delta pilot and an air traffic controller, posted on the website LiveATC.net, the pilot said the flight would return to LAX because one engine had compressor stalls.  There was, however, no indication that any fuel needed to be rained down on a densely populated Los Angeles city with children playing in their schoolyards:

    • Pilot: “We’ve got it back under control. We’re going to come back to LAX. We’re not critical. We’re going to slow to 280 knots, and uh, why don’t you point us downwind at 8,000 feet (unintelligible) and we’ll turn back to LA.”
    • Tower: “OK, so you don’t need to hold or dump fuel or anything like that?”
    • Pilot: “Uh, negative.
    The FAA also said the fuel dumping procedure did not occur at the optimal altitude that would have allowed the fuel to atomize properly.

    The schools affected most appear to have been:

    1. Park Avenue Elementary School
    2. Pioneer High School
    3. San Gabriel Elementary
    4. Graham Elementary
    5. Tweedy Elementary
    6. 93rd Street Elementary
    7. Jordan High School

    This list is not exhaustive, and more information is being revealed about the disaster.


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    Jet Fuel contains substances known to the State of California to cause cancer and other harms.  Exposure to these substances should not be taken lightly.  Our lawyers have the experience and resources to litigate this case against Delta, the FAA, and any other entities, persons, or corporations who may be responsible.  Contact us today to discuss whether you may have a claim and can be part a lawsuit that seeks compensation–including claims for future medical monitoring in connection with having been exposed to jet fuel carcinogens.

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